Wednesday, June 10, 2015

FODMAP Challenge Two (Glactants)

FODMAPS Challenge Two. (Glactants aka Beans and Soy) 

This is part of my FODMAP series. Check out these prior posts before reading this one.

The second FODMAP challenge that I decided to try was Glactants. These consist of ALL beans, and things made from beans such as SOY. In the past I had always assumed that I was lactose intolerant and had switched to soy milk. Well it was time to put all this to test. I was not a huge bean eater. I drank mostly soy milk and had beans in homemade Tacos, Chili and mostly Mexican food. 

When I started this challenge I was not worried a bit. I was pretty sure that it had nothing to do with my stomach issues. Boy was I wrong.... 

The first day I made some of my famous tacos. It is pretty much just ground meet, taco seasoning ( I was able to find a low fodmap one from Old El Paso) Then I added Pinto Beans to it. I started this challenge on a Friday night just in case I got sick. I felt a little bit of bloating, which is kinda normal even if you dont have IBS. I went to bed and when I woke up in the morning I still felt alright. 

On day two I had a bowl of cereal with soy milk, and for lunch I had left over tacos. This was going to be the ultimate challenge, as that amounted to 3 servings in a 24 hr period. Within an hour, I was sicker than a dog. EVERY IBS symptom that you can think of came back with a vengeance. I had not been sick at all since I had started this diet. I quickly realized that I malabosrbed Glactants and that they made me very very sick.  

After this challenge, I went back to a low FODMAP diet and felt much better in about 24-48 hrs. I was shocked and a little upset about it. I was glad that this was not my FAVORITE food group.. But still.. it was still one that I liked so I was not happy with the results. But the good thing was that now I would be able to control when I ate that food group and was a step closer in being able to control my symptoms. 

Stay turned for my next challenge 

Tell me, did you had any issues with Glactants? What did you try for your challenge? How many days did you try it for? Comment below to tell me all about it.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Inside the dinning room of an avid cyclist.

The other day I was having a conversation with my wife about the state of our living room and it kind of made me laugh. I was watching a nutrition video the other day, and the nutritionist was an avid cyclist as well and made a comment about her living room being full of bikes.

So I thought that I would show you what MY living room/dinning room looks like. It is true... we don't have a dinning room table because BIKES ARE MORE IMPORTANT OF COURSE.  ha ha

My Dining Room (Hey we still have room for a bar :)!!)

 There is actually another bike behind me...

Those cubes are full of bike stuff as well. :)

That is a sneak peek of my dinning room. I guess it is true. Seems like a lot of avid cyclists dinning/living rooms look like this. We don't have a house yet, otherwise im sure i would have taken over the garage. So as you can see, we don't have room for a dinning room table. Just bikes and training gear. 

Are you an avid rider? Does your living room or dinning room look this this? Now im interested to know.

I have taken a break from riding the past week. So if you are look at my STRAVA that is why. Im rehabbing my knee right now so i can get back to my training plan. 

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Group Ride With My Salt 2 Saint Crew (Coast busters)

Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven't posted in like FOREVER. I have been super busy studying for my real estate exam which is today.. (I'm super nervous). I have also been training a ton for my Salt to Saint ride. time is starting to get tight and I am about 15 weeks away from the ride.

I made my first training plan for an endurance ride which I will be posting shortly in another post. This training plain would prepare you for a metric century (62 mile) and give you PLENTY of time to do it. I have to admit.. If your busy like I am, this plan is a little time consuming, but it is doable.

Last Sunday I went on a group ride with my team. We did it on the Legacy Parkway bike trail which is awesome for endurance training as it is really flat and goes for about 60 miles each direction, so you can really modify it for wherever you are at in your training plan. We decided to do 30 miles total.

The Coast Buster Crew

I had rode this trail the weekend before and it was AWESOME. I got through it without any knee pain and felt great after.. Unfortunately, that was not the case with the group ride. Im back to having minor tendonitis in my left knee, which is not what I need right now... That is one thing that I would recommend if you are new to riding or have been struggling with an injury. RIDE AT YOUR LEVEL.. Even on a group ride. Yes of course you wanna push yourself a little harder, because who wants to get dropped on their group ride? I for sure didn't and now im going to have at least a two week set back. I had been riding my 30's at around 14mph average speed, and on my group ride it was at about 17mph which was enough to over stress my tendon.

How can you avoid this on a group ride? Well my advice would be to have a member on your team that is either a super good friend or spouse that will stay back with you if you get dropped. I am lucky enough to have my Wifey on my team so she has always been nice about staying back with me. However by the time I decided to get dropped... The damage had already been done. YOUR EGO will ALWAYS put you in the red. Lose the ego and listen to your body.. At the end of the day.. Who cares if you get dropped.. At least you wont be sidelined.

I have chosen to try out A.R.T. again with a different practitioner that is closer to my area. I will update my training roadblocks series to let you all know how that goes and if I feel that it is better. I have also been reading a new book about keeping tendonitis at bay forever and how to build yourself some powerhouse knees. I have purchased something called a Flex Board that I will be talking about and reviewing in the near future. Eventually, I will be able to share with you what really works and look forward to sharing my success story with you all and hope to help anyone else that is struggling with this alignment.

Let me know if you have ever had patellar tendonitis and what you have done to rid yourself of it.
Have you ever tried A.R.T?

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