Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Ride With Surprise River Flood

Today I decided to go on a 20 mile ride since the sun came out. It has been raining heavily the past few days non stop. I was just about to hop on the trainer and then I seen the sun pop out.

I figured that I would take advandge of this and hit my favorite river trail in Ogden. This trail is only a mile from my house so its very convenient. It was so nice and had that fresh after the rain sent in the air. This trail is really nice as most of it is along the river and in wooded area's so you cant even tell that you are in the city.

Well, I got about 6 miles in and was coming down this little hill that drops in elevation a little bit as you go underneath a railroad bridge. As I was coming down the hill I seen that the river had overflown a little bit, but it just looked like it was maybe an inch to a foot deep, so i decided to ride through it.

I was quickly surprised, because in a matter of seconds the water was up to my knees and it slowed me down to a stop. I quickly tried to un-clip before I ate it. As I got off my bike I realized how bad the river had actually overflown. I pulled out my phone so i could get a quick clip of what I just rode threw. Check out the video and pics below.

Sorry about the footage being a little weird. I was recording at 90 degrees so I didn't drop my phone and forgot that youtube doesn't like that very much. I fixed it the best that I could.

Luckily, this didn't go on for to long and I was able to get back onto the trail. I was of course soaked and didn't want to ride with wet feet because I was planning on riding a 20 mile ride. I decided to call the wifey to see if she wanted to meet me down the trail and asked her if she would bring me some new socks lol. Im glad that I called her because she wanted to ride (I could tell that she was a little upset that I left without her anyways) But im kinda glad that I did because she is a little scarred of water and would not have liked to trek through the river like I did.

After I met up with the wifey we started to ride up our normal trail. About a mile in, I seen this litle nature park that I have always kinda wanted to check out. I asked the wifey if she wanted to check it out since we hadnt road as long as we usually do. She agreed and we happened to find a really cool fort that you can camp at. This was really awesome, you could rent a kayak on this little pond that they had and the camping prices were really cheap. We never even knew that this was here. This is so close to our house and is still in the city. Its the perfect place for a quick cheap camping trip. It was only 18 a night and was right by the river. We are going to go camping there soon take out mtn bikes. I was called Ft. Buenaventura.  Check it out if you're ever in the area even if it just for the day.

Here are a few of the pictures from our ride:

That was our Sunday Adventure. :) It was a fun and interesting ride.

Where have you rode lately?

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  1. Your lucky I wasn't with you, I totally would have aborted and abandoned any ideas of riding further. Good job making it through! XO -Kim

    1. LMAO! You totally would have. I'm glad that you met up with me further down the trail. Perfect timing for you.

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