Friday, April 17, 2015

FODMAP Challenge One (Fructans)

This is part of my FODMAP series. Check out these prior posts before reading this one.

 The first challenge that I decided I was going to try, was Fructans. You can do them in whatever order you feel will be best for you; It really doesn't have to have a rhyme or reason. The reason that I choose Fructants, was because I simply cannot live without wheat.. Wheat has always been a staple for me. So I was a little nervous about trying it. I was a little concerned that I would have issues with this challenge and I would be devastated. We all have that one food group that we just cant live without right? Wheat is for sure mine...

Each challenge usually takes 2-3 days. I usually do two days, however, I did end up doing the Fructans challenge for 3 days. The first day you just test the selected FODMAP lightly. By lightly, I recommend only eating one of the foods that are listed under the Fructans category, and only one time. For my challenge, I choose to go to my favorite burger shop. I usually get all the sauces and fries etc.. But for my challenge I just got a double bacon cheese burger without the sauce and I decided to not get fries. I was so excited to eat this bacon burger, as it had been 3+ weeks since I had one and this is probably one of my favorite foods. I go to a local shop where it is not as greasy and they use good quality meats.

I got home, and grabbed a bag of baked ruffles (my favorite snack on this diet) to eat with my burger. NEVER has a bacon cheese burger tasted so good. That is another thing that I really like about this diet. It really makes you appreciate your favorite foods a little more.

So I bet that you are wondering how I felt in the morning... I felt great!!! I was excited that the first day did not effect me in a negative way. I was ready for day number two. On day number two I went all out. For breakfast I had two pancakes, eggs and some orange juice. (Pancakes were the only Fructans). For lunch I had a sandwich on a piece of french bread with some chips, and for dinner I had some chicken that was heavily seasoned with garlic and onion, If i was going to experience symptoms, this would for sure provoke them.

I woke up the next day feeling GREAT! this was good news as I had figured out that I did not have an intolerance with my favorite food. The bad news was that I would still have to cut them out of my diet for the next week to prepare for my next challenge, Galactants... 

Tell me, did you had any issues with Fructans? What did you try for your challenge? How many days did you try it for? Comment below to tell me all about it.

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  1. Thank goodness for both of us that you did good with this challenge haha!