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Training Roadblocks Part II (Phycial Therapy Techniques)

This is the 2nd installment of my "Training Roadblocks Series". If you have not read my "Beginning my cycling journey" I would recommend you start there as this story will make more sense. You can find my Training Roadblocks Part I here

About a month after I had been fitted with the Sports Science Doctor, I started training pretty hard again. My knee had been feeling better and I felt that I was on my way to recovery. I started increasing my distance, as well as commuting to work again. My knee still felt a little weird, but it was manageable. I woke up one morning and decided that I was going to go on a 10 mile ride that had some pretty big hills..... This may have not of been one of my best ideas.

About 5 miles in, I started to feel the burn in my knee. I have always been taught to push through the burn as that means its working... So I did.. Finally I made it up the entire hill without getting off my bike!! YES! I thought to myself... This bike fit has really made a difference. I felt like I had so much more power, and that my knees were stronger. I rode the rest of the way home, which included going down that nice descend that I had just climbed. I reached speeds over 30 miles an hour and was excited about the ride that I had just put down UNTIL.... I woke up the next morning with the worst case of tendonitis I have ever had. My wife and I live in a one bedroom loft. Climbing up and down the stairs was EXTREMELY painful. It was only June and I had already been sidelined...

I of course like most people started "googling" how to get rid of knee pain and quickly realized that I had Patellar Tendinitis aka Jumpers Knee. The two most common causes for cyclists were due to not being fitted, or from increasing miles or climbing to quickly. Well, I had just been fitted by a doctor, so I knew that it couldn't be the bike fit, so I assumed that it was because I had been being to aggressive with my training.

A friend of mine had blown out her Patella as well as her IT Band while riding a century a few years back. She opted out of surgery and started doing physical therapy aggressively. She is now able to ride even stronger than she did before and is one of the strongest athletes that I know, so I went to her for advise. She of course told me that the key was to build miles slowly and to start building all of the muscles around my knee, so that the stress would be taken off my patella. She showed me a few of the exercises that she does. I was able to find some YOUTUBE video's of those to share with you. Let me tell you. These steps really work and helped relieve my Patellar Tendinitis very quickly (3-4 weeks).

The most important step is to STOP RIDING YOUR BIKE! Since this is what is causing your issue in the first place, it makes perfect sense to cease the activity. I know.. I know... that is not what you want to hear.. I didnt either.. I didnt stop riding completely.. I would ride a mile or less each night after these work outs. Only around the block with a 0 ft climb to keep my muscles moving. This helped relieve the stiffness. The exercises are as follows:

The first set of exercises are from a chiropractor. These REALLY helped me overcome my tendinitis. You will need an exercise ball for one of them, the others are just with your body weight, which is why I love these ones so much. You can do them anywhere you have some floor space. There is a total of 4 exercises. I usually do 3 reps of 10 of these every other day so your knee has time to recover.

This is the 2nd video that I like to watch. It is done by a Physical Therapist. Most of these can by done with little to no equipment as well. I usually do this video after the one above. I dedicate one whole day to PT. I also include a little bit of PT each day either before or after my workout. Before has worked best for me.  Those are the two PT videos that I have found the most relief from.

 I also have loved the HASFIT video's. They are great for coming right off an injury, or if you're just new to working out. It helps you ease back into it. The good think about the HASFIT channel. is that they have so many videos that you can progress into as you get stronger. The video above is the one that I liked the most for strengthening the knee.

 This video does require some light dumbbells. You cant get some for cheap at Wal-Mart or you're local sporting goods store from $5-$12 each, You will need two 5-8lb dumbbells.

 STRETCHING- Is probably one of the most important things. I do this EVERY day. It helps keep you limber and is a really good stretching video. 

 I do all three of these videos on my "Leg Day". These videos are great if you're too busy to make it to the gym or are tight on money. I work really long hours so these worked great for me. 

Comment Below to let me know if any of these video's help you out, or if you have been able to overcome Pattellar Tendinitis another way.

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  1. Stretching is so vital to avoid injury! It's something I definitely need to do more often. Great post!